Students at the University of Akron produced this video to tell you more about the homeless.

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Family Promise asks founders, volunteers and community leaders to tell you what Family Promise of Summit County is.

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October 7

Firestone Stadium

Box City will be a fun and meaningful event where people camp for a night in a temporary dwelling, while raising awareness of about the many homeless families with children in our community and raising money to support Family Promise of Summit County. Participants set a goal to raise a minimum $100 in pledges and contributions an sleep overnight in a cardboard box “home” as a resident of Box City. During the course of the event, there will be entertainment, activities, raffle prizes, and awards. The evening will culminate in a candle-light vigil to show homeless families they have the support of the community.

Box City is open to people of all ages and affiliations. We encourage youth groups, service organizations, school service clubs, community groups, sports teams, Boy & Girl Scouts, etc. to use this event as a community service and learning project. The activities and entertainment are geared toward families, and participants will sleep outdoors in a secure area. A minimum of one adult (age 21 and over) per seven youth under the age of 18 participating in Box City is required.

Individual: $15.00 | Family of 4: $25.00 | Additional Child: $10.00

While sleeping in a cardboard box can provide a valuable lesson in empathy, we understand that for health or personal reasons not everyone is able to. We encourage participation as a “virtual resident” (raise funds but sleep at home). Virtual residents are welcome to attend the day’s programming, dinner, and evening ceremony.

Visitors are also welcome and encouraged to check out Box City. Enjoy the day’s programming, dinner, and evening ceremony. Visitors will be asked to leave at lights out (10pm).

Virtual Resident & Day Only Visitors: $10.00

We invite the community to join us for the evening ceremony and candle-light vigil, which is the essence of what the event is about. The evening ceremony will begin at 7pm.

Evening Ceremony (no dinner): no cost

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Sponsorship, Friend of Family Promise Challenge, and speaking engagement opportunities are available. Please contact Nikole Dack, our Development Coordinator, at 330.253.8081 or

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